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RCard Consultancy is an independent consultancy company based in the Netherlands specialising in providing consultancy and advice to Credit Card Issuers / Acquirers and Processors and Retail Banks. RCard also has considerable experience in Transaction Acquiring systems supporting ATMs, Point of Sales and Electronic Switching solutions.

RCard is an Internationally focused company and will undertake work in most locations. Projects have been undertaken in most European countries, the Middle east and recently in Asia.

RCard is able to assist Financial Institutions with all aspects of their Card Payment related projects from :

Requirements Analysis, RFP Development and Vendor Selection

Card  and Merchant Conversions and Organisational Change Management Advice

Project Management, Project Reviews and Project Audits

Business Strategy Assessments

Mobile and OEM Pay ( ApplePay, SamsungPay etc.) and Tokenisation



To contact us: info@rcard.nl

Mobile Phone : +31 (0)6 28536981